Final projects milestones

So you have it all crystal clear, in one place, here is the schedule of final projects milestones, including classtime devoted to discussion. These are in the main Nov-Dec syllabus, as well, integrated with readings/guests.

Nov 8: Group brainstorming

Nov 15: INITIAL PROJECT IDEAS DUE for workshop discussion. This should be a short written explanation of the project, goals, anticipated challenges. Hopes, dreams, etc. You’ll get feedback in class and in writing from me.

Nov 29: FINAL PROJECT PLAN DUE with workshop in class. Written project plan revised based on previous feedback, plus step by step approach and concrete plan for field testing of the project.

Dec 6: FINAL PROJECT, FIRST ITERATION DUE, including documentation of project, successes, failures, your field testing and your plans for second iteration based on what you learned.

Dec 13: Final project presentations in class, group 1
Dec 15: Final project presentations in class, group 2

Dec 16, 9AM: Final project documentation/field writeup due as a PDF in my email.
This deadline is 100% ironclad. If you don’t turn in your work by the deadline, you won’t get a grade, because I have to turn in grades.

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