Nov 1: robots!

Guest: Heather Knight (first part of class)

This week, you’ll work in teams of two. Each team will read a different scholarly study (or 2 if they’re short) on an aspect of humanoid robotics. In class you and your partner will present what you’ve read to the rest of the class for discussion. Plan on about 5-7 minutes to present.

Part A: reading response (one for each team). Note one useful finding in what you’ve read, and one question that you feel the article did not answer, or a further question that the article made you want to find an answer for.

Part B: presenting to class. You’ll need to report on these elements:
-The researchers’ questions
-The researchers’ findings
-Their testing methods–what they did and interesting ways they found to elicit useful responses from their test subjects.
-Your assessment of their methods and findings.

Teams: [article PDFs will be posted here on Tues pm]
Chris Allick and MMC
>Hey, I’m over here
Video observation elicits motor interference

Chris Alden and Poram
All robots are not created equal
Exploring the aesthetic range for humanoid robots

LV and Aaron
Robots in the wild
Making robots emotion-sensitive

Nicholas and Patrick
Intersubjectivity in human-agent interaction

Minette and Ania
Nonverbal intimacy as a benchmark for human-robot interaction
Eliciting information from people with a gendered humanoid robot

Michael and Jeff
Mentalizing to non-human agents by children
Social interaction between robots, avatars, and humans

Liesje and Candice
Emotional movements in social games with robots
Robots as embodied beings

Sebastian and Hana
What is human?

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