10/18 class on Anthropomorphism

Your reading is Chapters 2, 3 & 4 of Boyer’s Religion Explained. It’s about 110 pages–don’t leave it for the night you come back from break!

Response questions:

-Does any of this blow your mind? If so, cite one particular concept and why.

-What do you think about the methods of evolutionary psychology Boyer is drawing on (inference systems). You can respond with your instinctual reaction, and/or your informed opinion if you’ve read more on evo-psych or the primary sources he cites. Just be sure to separate the two. Let’s get this part out in the responses to me, and I’ll try to respond back. That way we can focus on the ideas he’s offering for interpreting behavior and cognition

-How does Boyer’s work influence your notion of how authentic human-ish interactions might be characterized, and what might promote feelings of authenticity to the participants in an interactions?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Next month, class will meet on Friday 11/19 instead of the following Monday 11/22. This is so that we can get a play test and visit from Chris Hecker, game designer extraordinare–who created a game called Spy Party that directly bears on our class work.

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